For Ever
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For Ever

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 *.*.A Place In My Heart.*.*.

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تاريخ التسجيل : 29/05/2008

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A Place In My Heart

When I think of you,
Do you know what I see?
A man who is wonderful,
Someone who loves me.

And it makes my heart cry,
That I can't be with you,
To say that I love you,
To do the things I want to do.
You seem so far away,
And I am distant too,
But don't you ever forget, my love,
That I'm always there with you.

I long to see your smile,
And feel the touch of your hand in mine,
Place my lips upon your mouth,
And hold you there in time.

You said that in an ideal world,
There'd be only you and me,
But in my heart, that's how it is,
Surely, you can see.

You do your daily things,
And I get on with mine,
But I do believe that we will be together,
Someday, somewhere, sometime.

And the special place we searched for,
We will meet there again,
Hopefully soon, Honey,
You only need to say when.

But, I want you to know, that in my heart
There is a special place,
It's where you and I can be together,
Alone and face to face.
For, Sweetheart, you surely must know,
That I am in love with you,
And I know that one day, Darling,
Our dreams will all come true.

*.*.A Place In My Heart.*.*. Animal11

*.*.A Place In My Heart.*.*. S25_1110

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أعطي بصدق وما انتظر عطا الغير
أحب ويكفي إني أحب وهذي قناعه
مانفعني منطقي بس بالاول والأخير
هذا قلبي ياناس وهذي طباعه
محمـــــود ديــــــــاب
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*.*.A Place In My Heart.*.*.
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